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Wilson joins the Chug Patrol rescue squad. Soon Neep gets a go too, and his photos are really special. Teal and Neep just love springing! It's itchy and it has dangly bits. Ronald the Rhino likes bashing boulders, but soon there are no more boulders left. Main content.

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Me Too! Woolly and Tig — Holiday Special: Hola Tig goes on a holiday to another country, where everything is new and different. Tweenies — Series 3 , Circus Max visits the circus, finds out about life there and meets some talented friends. Q Pootle 5 — Where's Ray? Tweenies — Series 3 , Champions The Tweenies discover what their skills are and what they are champions at. Tweenies — Series 3 , Fizz's Surprise Fizz tells everyone that her mummy is having a baby and the baby is expected that day.

Tweenies — Series 3 , Welcome Baby Fizz has a new baby brother and is very excited about it. Get Squiggling! Alphablocks — Series 1 , Meet the Alphablocks! Tee and Mo — Musical Garden Tee is playing with his music box in the garden, but Mo wants to plant flowers. Tee and Mo — Sandwich Stacker Tee is playing with his building blocks, but Mo thinks it's time for lunch.

Tee and Mo — Jungle Trolley Dash Mo needs to go to the shop, but Tee is more interested in racing about on his scooter. Tee and Mo — Squirrel Flyer Tee is having a snack with his friend Fly, but it looks like they've run out of fruit! Get Well Soon — Oh, Poo! Magic Hands — Series 1 , Fruity Fun!

Get Well Soon — Hot! There are two sets of Amber Brown books, but only one is a chapter book series. Amber Brown is a fourth grader with divorced parents who is learning to navigate new relationships. At least 11 books in the series. Greenburg guided reading level: O. I tried and tried! Similar to the Magic School Bus books, the series is a mixture of fantasy and scientific facts.

The books are best read in order, as they often end with a cliffhanger. At least 18 books in the series.

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  • Vital: Godly Games (Web of Hearts and Souls #6) (Insight series Book 4);
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Andy Russell books, by David A. Adler guided reading level: N. The Andy Russell series is no exception. Recommended for older, struggling readers. These are very basic illustrated chapter books with large font and spacing. Andy Shane is a nice little boy who lives with his grandmother and faces the typical challenges of childhood. Worth a try for kids ready to read longer text but not longer chapter books. Currently 6 books in the series. Anna Hibiscus books, by Atinuke guided reading level: P.

This is a beautiful series about Anna Hibiscus, a young girl who lives in modern-day Africa with her loving family. I was uncomfortable with the religious undertones in the book I read Anna Hibiscus has many conversations with her dead grandfather , but other than that I highly recommend them. Annie and Snowball series, by Cynthia Rylant guided reading level: J.

The books have easy-to-read storylines and wholesome fun. But I personally find this series less engaging and a little too girly. Appleville Elementary series, by Nancy Krulik guided reading level: L. I love this simple series about adventures in first grade. The simple stories and large font make these a great transition to chapter books. Arthur chapter book series, by Marc Brown guided reading level: M. In each book the plot features Arthur the aardvark or one of his friends.

Over 33 books. This is a series of 26 books about three third graders who solve crimes and mysteries. It features one book for each letter of the alphabet. These are quick reads and great for mystery lovers who are new to chapter books. Bad Kitty series, by Nick Bruel guided reading level: P.

This is a completely bizarre and frankly, hilarious set of chapter books that feel more like graphic novels. My older kids laugh out loud when reading these and frequently read me a funny page. Currently 10 books in the series. The occasional black-and-white illustrations give good support.

Ballpark Mysteries , by David A. Kelly guided reading level: N. This is a great series for baseball-loving kids who also enjoy mysteries. Mike and Kate are two cousins who use their sharp detective skills to solve mysteries around the ballpark. Easy to read, and fun to help solve. At least 14 books in the series. Bea Garcia is a relatable, likable second grader who draws pictures of everything in her life. While the illustrations are cute, I find them a bit distracting.

For that reason, this may not be the best series for kids who struggle with comprehension. Also note that the books have a fair amount of name-calling. Currently 3 books in the series. Beany series, by Susan Wojciechowski guided reading level: M. This is a fun series about two best friends — one tiny, one tall.

These will be welcomed by kids who are new to chapter books because the pages are mostly full color illustrations indeed, the pictures tell much of the story. Teachers will like them because they include strong vocabulary and plenty of opportunities for making inferences. Since each chapter is a stand alone story, these would work great for guided reading lessons. This fun chapter book series mixes school, monsters, and common kid problems.

One odd thing about the series is that the text is very large, making you think the book is for younger readers.

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But many of the jokes and puns will fly over their heads, putting the series at level N. Boris series, by Andrew Joyner guided reading level: K. Boris is a young warthog who lives with his mom and dad in Hogg Bay. Boris is charming and likable, and the books are heavily illustrated with just a few sentences per page. This is a great series for kids transitioning to chapter books. The idea of a group of siblings trying to survive on their own in the woods is fascinating for kids of any generation.

The characters are flat and uninteresting, and while I appreciate positive sibling relationships, theirs is sticky sweet. I remember that my sister loved them as a kid. Warner wrote the original 19 books. A variety of different authors have penned the books that follow them. Bunjitsu Bunny books, by John Himmelman guided reading level: L. Isabel, also known as Bunjitsu Bunny, is the best bunjitsu artist in her school. Each chapter tells a kid-friendly story in large text with plenty of spacing.

Illustrations are plentiful. Calendar Mysteries series, by Ron Roy guided reading level: M. This historical fiction series is absolutely wonderful. Calpurnia Tate is an animal-loving year-old who also happens to have six brothers. Since the story is set in , the children have no technology to keep them busy. Instead, they spend their time outdoors observing nature and helping lost or injured animals. Calvin Coconut books , by Graham Salisbury guided reading level: O. These are well written and entertaining books about a boy in Hawaii who lives with his mom and little sister after his famous dad left them.

Calvin is in fourth grade, but the themes feel older than that. There are 9 books in the series. Cam Jansen series, by David Adler guided reading level: L. The first book was published in , and the most recent was published in I loved these as a kid, and they were the series that got my reluctant second grade reader to start reading chapter books.

Quality, clean fiction. The candy fairies live in Sugar Valley where jelly beans grow on vines, and chocolate eggs ripen in nests. The stories feature adventure, magic, and candy. They liked to catch up with one another and eat sweet treats. At least 12 books in the series. Capital Mysteries , by Ron Roy guided reading level: N. The stories feel a bit far-fetched at times like the fact that these two children explore D. To my knowledge, the books have no crude humor, sassiness, or name calling. Captain Awesome series, by Stan Kirby guided reading level: M. Eugene McGillicuddy invents his very own superhero alter ego — Captain Awesome.

He fights crime with his best friend and sidekick, Charlie Nacho Cheese Man. At least 21 books in the series.

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I may be in the minority here — this is a hugely popular series, and it gets kids to read. What if all our kids wanted to eat was hot dogs and ice cream? I think the length of this blog post should prove that there are many, many other series to tempt reluctant readers. I was especially troubled by the last book in the series. The series features children of different ethnic backgrounds in a suburban setting and includes themes like bullying, making new friends, and good decision-making. Catwings , by Ursula K.

Le Guin guided reading level O. This is a classic set of books that I loved as a child. The books are beautifully written and absolutely enchanting. All children should read or hear Catwings before they grow up. Charlie Bumpers series, by Bill Harley guided reading level: O. I consider this series one of the best discoveries I made when creating this list. Charlie Bumpers is a likable, relatable fourth grader. He tends to be messy and impulsive — leading to some unfavorable consequences.

Highly recommended for both young advanced readers and older, struggling readers. Currently 7 books total. This series features the loving relationship between two brothers, Charlie and Mouse. Each book is a gorgeous blend of picture and chapter book, making the series perfect for kids venturing into chapter books. Cinderella Smith series, by Stephanie Barden guided reading level: P. This is a well-written, refreshing series which touches on the usual challenges of growing up wanting ears pierced, preparing for a spelling bee, dealing with the mean girl at school, etc.

Recommended for young advanced readers as well as older, struggling readers. Claude books by Alex T. Smith guided reading level: M. This is a series about the adventures of an endearing dog named Wag and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock who is a sock but still has a winning personality. The series has so much going for it — the beautiful writing style, clever story-telling, and spectacular illustrations. Currently 7 books in the series. Clementine , by Sara Pennypacker Level O. This is a quality series about Clementine, an energetic and precocious third grader. This is a gentle, wholesome series about Lily, Tess, and Rosie, three best friends who also happen to be cousins.

This is a series that deserves to be more popular. The stories are witty, funny, and sweet. I only wish there were more than 10 books in the series. This is a lovely, easy-to-read series about a girl and her horse. The stories are gentle and funny, and the illustrations are wonderful. The books are quite short and similar in difficulty to Henry and Mudge, Poppleton, and Mr.

Putter and Tabby. The Critter Club is a group of four best friends who form a rescue shelter to save lost and lonely animals. The characters are loyal and thoughtful, and the series has no name-calling, potty talking, or sibling nastiness. At least 19 books in the series. Daisy Dawson series, by Steve Voake guided reading level: N. This is a gentle series about Daisy Dawson, a wholesome and carefree little girl who talks to animals and understands what they say to her. A challenge, though, is that there are so many animal characters that it can be hard to keep track of them.

But it could make a great read aloud if you are willing to change your voice for the animals. You know a book is good when you, as an adult, will pick it up and enjoy reading it all on your own. This series is a welcome change from the mouthiness and name-calling we find in so many early chapter books. Highly recommended! Currently 3 books in the series … I hope more are coming! What a great series! Gabe, Laura, and Caesar are a group of smart kids that everyone calls the Data Set.

The large font, fantastic illustrations, and interesting storylines add to their adventures. This is a wonderful series about the adventures of Digby and Percy, two dogs who happen to be best friends. Dino-Mike series, by Franco guided reading level: N. Mike Evans is the son of a famous paleontologist who travels the world in search of dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur-lovers will enjoy this fast-paced mix of reality and fantasy dinosaur eggs hatch, time traveling, etc. The books use easy vocabulary but have an interesting enough storyline to interest older readers.

Currently 8 books in the series. Dinosaur Cove series, by Rex Stone guided reading level: N. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this series about Tom and Jamie, two friends who discover the secret entrance to a world of dinosaurs. These books have short chapters and vivid black-and-white illustrations. About 24 books in the series. She exasperates her parents and annoys her siblings, but we loved her. I think the positives outweigh the negatives, but you may not agree.

At least 4 books in the series. This is the perfect series for early readers who are ready to move past picture books.

Archie The Friendly Spider by J.W. Paris

Bumbling, not-too-bright Dragon is absolutely endearing. Each chapter is short and fully-illustrated with color pictures. We own all the books, and they make great read-alouds for younger siblings. Dragon Masters series, by Tracey West guided reading level: O. It was painful for me to read even half of a book about Dragon Masters and the jewels that connect them to their dragons. Wiglaf, a young medieval peasant, is one of 13 brothers. These are entertaining, but hard to follow.

I recommend them for advanced readers, as comprehension will be difficult for children still learning to handle chapter books. Dyamonde Daniel books, by Nikki Grimes guided reading level: O. This is a wonderful series about a smart, kind, and determined little girl named Dyamonde.

The books are extremely well written and handle issues such as divorce and separation in an appropriate, child-friendly way. My only complaint is that there are only 3 books in the series. Echo is a mystery-solving bat who solves creepy mysteries with his human sidekicks, the Bat Pack. The stories are fast-paced, the characters are kind to each, and full-color illustrations adorn the books.

Eerie Elementary series, by Jack Chabert guided reading level: M. Sam and his friends Lucy and Antonio are students at Eerie Elementary — where the school is trying to eat the students! Do know that the books are quality, clean reads without name-calling, bullies, or potty talk. Currently 9 books in the series. Not only is Warner a great author, but she portrays a loving African-American family in an early chapter book series.

No name-calling, potty jokes, or sassiness in this series — hurray! She works through making friends, fighting back against bullying, and coming to terms with her mom starting to date. Not my top choice for young advanced readers, but fine for older, struggling readers.

Emma is on the Air , by Ida Siegal guided reading level: N. The books are fine, but they lack substance and are nothing special. Not my favorites. Encyclopedia Brown series, by Donald J. Sobol guided reading level: P. This classic series was published from to Encyclopedia Brown is a very smart fifth grader who helps his father, the Chief of Police, solve cases in the small town of Idaville.

Each chapter features a short mystery. My husband enjoyed these as a kid, and he liked seeing how much our 9-year-old enjoyed them as well. Good clean fun. Great for both young advanced readers and older, struggling readers. Finley Flowers books, by Jessica Young guided reading level: M. Finley is a third grader who loves to craft and create; she can make something out of anything. Kear guided reading level: N. This wonderful series is about four friends a brother-sister duo and two of their buddies who help children solve problems.

Spider Stories For Early Years Boys and Girls

These books do something rare … they teach useful problem solving skills while also being just plain good stories. At least 6 books in the series. Flat Stanley , by Jeff Brown guided reading level: M. The original Flat Stanley debuted in Other equally bizarre adventures occur in later books, published from to Fox books, by Edward James Marshall guided reading level: J. This classic series uses easy-reader vocabulary to tell funny and, frankly, brilliant stories about the irrepressible, entertaining Fox. I have been a fan of Fox ever since I first read the books as a little girl.

This is a well-written illustrated chapter book series about third graders who love school and sports. Each book features a different student in the class. Frankly, Frannie series, by A. Stern guided reading level: P. Even though the reading level is a P, the large font and spacing makes it feel easier. At least 9 books in the series. Franny K. Stein is imaginative and creative — and also happens to be a mad scientist who wants to take over the world she just has to finish elementary school first.

This series will appeal equally to boys and girls. Frog and Toad series, by Arnold Lobel guided reading level: K. In my opinion, every young reader should read or listen to Frog and Toad. The simple but profound stories of friendship are funny, interesting, and worth reading again and again. The stories are timeless. This is a futuristic series about a boy named Zack who lives on Nebulon with his family in the year Fantasy books can be hard to follow, but this one keeps the sentences short and has a lot of pictures to support comprehension.

More than 10 books in the series. The gross humor is a turn-off for me, but the books are pretty harmless and are undoubtedly popular among young boys. Currently 19 books in the series. George and Martha books, by James Marshall guided reading level: L. These classic books created over 30 years ago are more picture than chapter books, but I include them because they are divided into short chapters — and these books are both witty and fun. Each chapter tells its own story, which makes these books great for kids who are working at comprehension. At least 7 total books.


Geronimo Stilton series, by Geronimo Stilton guided reading level: O. And as a teacher, it was really hard to pick up a book and quickly discern the plot. The stories are told by the mouse Geronimo Stilton, the editor in chief of the Rodent Gazette and author of adventure stories. At least 75 books in the series. Kids can read about her adventures and challenges with her friends and third grade classmates.

Goldie Blox is a smart, quirky girl engineer who loves to invent things. At least 5 books in the series. Good Crooks series, by Mary Amato guided reading level: N. Twins Billy and Jillian want to do good and help others. The premise is interesting, and kids will probably enjoy the series. Gooney Bird books, by Lois Lowry guided reading level: N. If your readers are ready to move beyond fairies and puppies, encourage them to try the Gooney Bird Greene books. These are considerably more challenging than most of the books in this list; the font is small, and there are few illustrations.

The books are exceptionally well written Lois Lowry is a Newbery award winner , and the quirky Gooney Bird is an interesting second grader with a knack for storytelling. Grace chapter books, by Mary Hoffman guided reading level: O. Grace is a confident, happy, and imaginative African-American girl who lives with her loving mother and Nana. The books highlight very relatable childhood experiences, but also touch on deeper topics like divorce, death of an elderly neighbor, and internment.

These beautifully written books are best for older readers. Greetings from Somewhere series, by Harper Paris guided reading level: L. This is an easy-to-read chapter book with large font and spacing and a black and white illustrations on almost every page. Gus and Grandpa series, by Claudia Mills guided reading level: J. This is a wonderful, gentle series that highlights the loving relationship between Gus and his Grandpa.

The books have full-page, colorful illustrations and the text is simple. I should note, however, that these books lack the excitement of other early chapter book series. Some children may find them boring. This is an action-filled series about sports. In each book, we meet children who enjoy sports while also learning important real-life lessons.

At least 8 books in the series. Hamster Princess series, by Ursula Vernon guided reading level: O. Harriet Hamsterbone is a fearsome warrior who slays dragons, jumps off cliffs, and cracks sarcastic jokes at the same time.

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  6. Limbo Rock.
  7. Definitely worth checking out! Dixon guided reading level: N. This is a modern Hardy Boys series about third and fourth grade boy detectives, Frank and Joe. The mysteries are tame, the boys are respectful, and the stories are decently written. In later books, she solves mysteries with the help of her aunts. Heidi Heckelbeck series, by Wanda Coven guided reading level: N. This series has a lot going for it — large text with nice spacing, interesting stories, clever illustrations, and no gross humor.

    I also appreciate that Heidi, though often grumpy, is not mean to her family. That said … a big draw-back for me is that Heidi is a witch, which feels weird and out of place in a realistic fiction book. At least 26 books in the series. Henry Huggins books, by Beverly Cleary guided reading level: O. These funny, timeless books the first was published in are still popular with kids today. Henry Huggins is an average year-old boy who often finds himself in unusual situations.

    Beverly Cleary now years old as I write this post! Fans of Ramona the Pest will enjoy her appearances in this series as well. Henry and Mudge series, by Cynthia Rylant guided reading level: J. The books feature simple, screen-free adventures, loving parents, and engaging storylines. This series is the perfect choice for especially young advanced readers!

    Herbie Jones , Suzy Kline guided reading level: N. Winkler, who has dyslexia, has created a funny and likable character with the same challenge. I love that the series uses the dyslexie font, which is easier to read. Friends except for the class bully are kind to each other, and children show respect for adults. Refreshing and enjoyable! I think that the choppy dialogue and off-beat humor could confuse some readers, but these books are definitely worth a try. Bunny Brown the brains and Jack Jones the snoop make a fun pair of detectives. The books are clean and funny.

    This series is actually co-written by year-old Hilde and her father — and is quite well done. Main character Hilde and her older sister, Izzy, interview witnesses and solve crimes all over their town. The stories are interesting, and the illustrations will help keep kids engaged.

    What a pleasant surprise! These books are well written, interesting, and engaging — with a host of relatable characters. In fact, this was the series that finally got my second son comfortable with chapter books and launched a big jump in his reading ability. Horrid Henry series, by Francesca Simon guided reading level: N.

    The positive Amazon reviews astound me, because I cannot think of a single positive thing to say about this series. She uses her newfound powers to fight crime as Spider-Woman and quickly learns that life as a superhero comes with its own difficulties. Peter is killed when his experiment to gain superpowers of his own goes awry. Spider-Man Noir is a Depression-era Peter Parker from an alternate world Earth who gains his powers from a mystical spider bite. This Spider-Man wields firearms and is not fundamentally opposed to killing his enemies to get the job done. But like many other young Spidey-heroes, Peni juggles school with fighting crime — she just does it with the help of a giant battle suit.

    Not all Spidey-heroes are human. One day, in an alternate world Earth populated by anthropomorphic animals, a spider named Peter was bitten by a radioactive pig May Porker. Peter then transformed into a pig but retained his spider-like abilities. He took on the last name Porker, and eventually became the crime fighter Spider-Ham.

    Duke and Duchess of Sussex 'won't make baby Archie's birth certificate public'

    Debuting in the s, her background has been re-imagined a number of times, but it is generally understood that her powers are the result of experiments that introduced spider DNA to her genes as a child. So no spider bite. Jessica has been an Avenger, a secret agent, a spy, a private investigator and, more recently, a mother. That is, until the day the star high school athlete developed mysterious superpowers of her own.