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The Tables and the Commentary are printed in strict alphabetic and numeric order for rapid location. Some grouping have had to be slightly arbitrary. For example, all Hebrew angels could equally been put amongst Angels, or put in the Kabbalah section. For convenience angels that relate directly to the Tree of Life are grouped under Kabbalah, but other Biblical, Apocryphal and Gnostic angels are grouped under Angels, as otherwise the Kabbalah section would have become too unwieldy.

This means there is some slight duplication, with the main Archangels of necessity appearing in several places. I have refrained from using the spelling 'magick' which Crowley reintroduced into the language, as I do not think there is any further need to distinguish the magic of sorcery and Harry Potter from the parlour magic of the Victorians. Note that where a Column is listed as a transliteration of another Column you should expect to see the Hebrew or Arabic letters replaced one for one with Latin capital letters some characters like Ch, Sh and Th have a lower case character following them to distinguish them from characters with similar sound values.

This is so non-Hebrew readers can easily see how many characters make up the word, easily add up the value of the Hebrew letters, perform Gematria on the word, and appreciate what the word actually 'sounds' like. If the Column is listed as a translation then you will instead find the word as it is usually written in English, or if it is not a proper noun, then the English meaning.

With the exception of the Ain Soph Aur of the Kabbalah and the Wu Chi of Taoist cosmology not the Tao, which is more appropriate to Kether there are very few attributions suitable for a zero row. In fact it is certain that anything that is able to be written down in this row cannot adequately represent the Unmanifest, so there is no zero row used in these tables. Where appropriate a note will be made of this in the Commentary. For the convenience of readers and for purposes of comparison, Crowley's column numbers have been included in the second row of any column which relates in any way to a similar column in Liber These numbers do not have an intrinsic or Kabbalistic numerical value.

They have been transferred out of Roman numeral format into modem number format, as Roman numerals do not come as easily for today's readers as they did in Mathers' time when they were much more common, so for example a reference to Crowley's Column LXXXVIII is simply marked as '88'. This book does not claim to be a complete exposition of any of the subjects tabulated.

It is a tabular presentation of correspondences in both Western and Eastern systems of magic, religion and mysticism, and as such must devote most of its space to tabulation, not to explanation. Therefore comment is not evenly spread across all columns. Most of the comment occurs where some point needs explaining or updating, or is controversial, or where its source will not be found amongst the usual texts. Another exception is where completely new material has been introduced, such as the numerical correspondences of the Olympic Spirits or the numerical values of the Grades of Mithras, which have never before appeared in print in this form.

Some Columns appear without any comment at all. I refer the reader to the Bibliography for further research. The Nature of Correspondences To understand how the correspondences are built up, it becomes important to see, and to test, the links in the chain. The basic Kabbalistic texts underlying these correspondences are the Sepher Yetzirah, the book Bahir, and the Zohar. It is no coincidence that Wynn Westcott co-founder of the Golden Dawn with Mathers published a translation from the Latin rather than the Hebrew of the Sepher Yetzirah in , as this is one of the main links of the chain of correspondences that links Western Magic through astrology to the Hebrew Kabbalah.

There is no problem with the Sepher Yetzirah correspondences for the 10 Sephiroth which are clearly documented in many Hebraic and Latin sources. At this point I recommend that anyone who is quite happy with the internally consistent Golden Dawn synthesis, or who is new to it, skips the rest of this section. If you proceed to read the rest of this section, prepare to have some of your basic preconceptions shaken a little, but at the end you will be standing on a firmer conceptual ground.

You can also see that the Tarot is actually a long conceptual distance from the Tree of Life 13 , and we will later see why this has caused both Mathers and Crowley to make various tweaks to links 3 and 4 like swapping the cards Strength and Justice, or the cards Emperor and Star , without perhaps addressing the root of the problem. Taking each of the four links in turn: 1. The most familiar to modem readers is the Golden Dawn Tree shown in Figure 2 which shows three Paths radiating from Malkuth at the bottom but with only 4 paths crossing the so-called Abyss.

All three Trees have 22 Paths, but obviously the numbering of the Paths differs, so this link yields variable results, and is not as firm as most commentators imply. I will be comparing the three Trees later in this introduction. Let us now look at how the chain of correspondence proceeds from there. The problem is that the Sepher Yetzirah does not diagrammatically show what this allocation is. There are however definite allocations of the 3 types of Hebrew letters to the Paths: a The 3 Mother letters N Aleph, 12 Mem and Shin are logically allocated to the 3 Elements excluding Earth.

On the Lurianic Tree, they are the three horizontal Paths on the Tree. The Golden Dawn Tree however applies Aleph to connect Sephiroth 1 and 2, Mem to connect 5 and 8, and Shin to connect 8 and hardly a satisfactory distribution of these three most important letters. On the Lurianic Tree, these are the 7 vertical Paths on the Tree.

On the Golden Dawn Tree they appear to be just randomly allocated. On the Lurianic Tree these are systematically allocated only to the diagonal Paths on the Tree. On the Golden Dawn Tree they fill the remaining Paths, with no obvious pattern. Obviously for this link to work we have to establish which allocation is correct.

The clue to the positioning of the three different types of Hebrew letters on the Tree and hence the Paths occurs in the very clear differentiation of the three different types of letters. It also occurs in the last section of the Sepher Yetzirah which is in fact dropped from some editions. This section lists out the qualities of each of the 32 'Intelligences. The next 22 Intelligences are from the 22 Paths, and from the hints particularly in the original Hebrew you can see which two Sephiroth are connected by each Intelligence or Path.

Crowley clearly did not understand the significance of this section when he wrote of it: "Column XII These attributions arise from the description of the paths in the Sepher Yetzirah. This is one of the most ancient books of the Qabalah; but it is far from clear how the ideas correspond with the general scheme of symbolism. They seem of no use in practical magical work. I will not pursue this here, except to say that these indications taken together with the real meaning of the Serpent and Lightning Flash give the correct order for the Path numbers. They also indicate the correct order of meditational practice.

Note that I am only talking about the numbering here. This correlation of the 12 single letters to the 12 signs of the Zodiac is agreed upon by all commentators and is very clearly laid out in Chapter 5 of the Sepher Yetzirah. The main variants are discussed below. For some reason, Mathers gave an order which is not included in any of these versions of the Sepher Yetzirah. This is the order that has influenced all of 20th century esoteric thought, but it is not an order with foundations in tradition: 17 Sepher Yetzirah: The Book of Creation.

Weiser, Boston, , page This is also the arrangement favoured by the translation by Gershom Scholem, who could be said to have a broader perspective on the Kabbalah than any other 20th century scholar. More impressively, this order is reflected in the pediments of the Ziggurat of Ur, suggesting it also has the most ancient pedigree: Beth - Saturn Gimel - Jupiter Daleth - Mars Kaph - Sun Peh - Venus Resh - Mercury Tau - Moon There are other hints of the rightness of this order, especially when using the Lurianic Tree which puts the Planets on the Paths connecting the Sephiroth vertically.

The only conclusion open to us is that the planetary attributions in Mathers' working are in fact incorrect. I think it strange that Mathers preferred to preserve the fairly recent sequencing of the Tarot trumps in preference to retaining the considerably older instructions of the Sepher Yetzirah. I feel therefore that the time has come to turn back to this older attribution. This arrangement has also been pointed out by Carlos Suares. I have not however made this change to the Tarot tables from Tables T1 to T28, which follow strict Golden Dawn attributions.

Columns TT40 show how the Tarot would look if the ancient Sepher Yetzirah attributions had been adopted by Mathers. It is up to you, the reader, to decide for yourself if you wish to implement this material. The effect of correcting this, is to bring the 7 Planets on the Paths into line with the Sepher Yetzirah and to put their 7 corresponding Tarot Trumps on different Paths. If this ancient Planetary order is accepted, then the attribution of 7 of the Tarot Trumps to the Paths changes in a way which is infinitely more logical. The connection between each Tarot trump and its Planet is however not affected as we will see below.

By retaining this, 7 of the Planetary Trumps now fall on different Paths, but remain linked to exactly the same Planets. I also feel it is better to jettison the Roman numbering of the Tarot all together, as it is a very recent addition 18 , and intimately tied up with the basically wrong traditional French numerical attributions. This is not as inflammatory a statement as it first seems. Levi's excuse is that it was just a 'blind'. I don't believe in blinds. I think information should be given to the best of one's ability, or withheld, but not provided in an intentionally crippled form.

Almost all writers of the French tradition followed this deliberately blinded attribution. Accordingly the Roman numbering will always be out of step with both the Paths of the Tree and the Hebrew letters of any modem system anyway. In addition, as the Tarot is itself a distillation of a series of broken emblem sets, something we will see in the commentary on the Tarot section, so the idea of assigning them a sequence of ordered numbers is intrinsically nonsense. In fact all the early packs were unnumbered current numbering of packs like the Visconti-Sforza was only applied in the last few decades of the 20 th century.

Finally as Stuart Kaplan clearly shows, the order of the Tarot cards has changed many times in the years of its existence, so the Roman numbering of the Trumps is at best a convenience, and at worst a very misleading distraction. So let me sum up. The links in the chain are as follows: 1.

Tree of Life - Path Link. There are three main Tree formats, the Gra, the Golden Dawn and the Lurianic versions, therefore this connection is not as fixed as one might think, and tables from Liber would have to be re- arranged accordingly for whichever Tree was used. The variant Tree arrangements have however no effect on the rearrangement of the present Tables, as these are dependent only on ZEP order rather than Path number order anyway.

Path - Hebrew Letters Link. These attributions are also not fixed. The Lurianic Tree's use of horizontal Paths for Elements, vertical Paths for Planets and diagonal Paths for Zodiacal signs has much to recommend it, is more ancient, and is more logical than the Golden Dawn arrangement. Hebrew Letters - Astrology. Link As Mathers did not use any standard edition 18 Early packs like the Visconti-Sforza pack did not number their Trumps at all. I recommend that you examine the realignment of the 7 Planets and their Tarot trumps with the Hebrew letters as shown in Columns TT Astrology - Tarot Link.

Mathers' clever attributions of the Tarot Trumps to the astrological Zodiac, Elements, and Planets as shown in the Golden Dawn Cipher manuscript still holds good. With regard to the Tarot, I recommend that you also ignore or remove the Roman numbering of the Tarot to allow the Trumps to be assigned to the Paths correctly and smoothly without the usual sense of numerical dislocation. These numbers and relative ordering have changed many times over the last years and have no intrinsic value, being useful only as identifiers, and the name of the Trump adequately fulfils that function.

Spelling and Transliteration The spelling of names, such as those of the Archangels, has been standardised to Golden Dawn style, except where a specific authority closer to the origin has been quoted, then that spelling has then been used. In the Kabbalistic section I have listed all entries in Hebrew, but have also provided columns with the English transliteration, and the English translation, making it more user friendly, rather than being only accessible to the Hebrew reading specialist. Although that is not modem practice, and the mixed use of capitals and lower case looks very uncomfortable to the eye of modem Hebrew scholars, nevertheless this is the format most easily recognisable by those interested in Western occultism, and so has been the one used.

For scholars who read the original Hebrew, the transliteration is redundant anyway, as they can go direct to the Hebrew letters and ignore the transliteration. At a late stage in production it was observed that, in the particular Hebrew font used here, there is very little difference between 3 Nun and 3 Gimel, and between H Cheth and H Heh, so be careful when reading these letters. For Chinese columns, the Wade-Giles system of transliteration has been used as standard, rather than either modem pinyin or James Legge's antiquated Victorian system.

Piny in, although now almost universal as a system of Chinese transliteration is, surprisingly, based on Albanian sound values, which make it rather unnatural for English speakers. In addition the present author's books on Chinese metaphysics and feng shui are all presented in Wade-Giles format, so it is consistent for him to use the same system here.

Where these have been corrected it will clearly be marked and explained. I will not be utilising the midth century swap of Emperor and Star Tarot Trumps favoured by Crowley, and derived from a line in his Book of the Law. The only notable exception to Golden Dawn practice is the reversal of the ascription of two magical weapons back to the traditional grimoire ascription of the Sword to Fire and the Wand to Air In addition, several well known and acknowledged 'blinds' have been silently removed, as we no longer live in the prudish atmosphere of Victorian England.

One example of such a blind is Bishop Leadbeater's attribution of the Svadisthana chakra to the 'spleen', when he was certainly aware that this chakra maps directly onto the genitals. Tree of Life Formats The following three Figures show three different arrangements of the Paths of the Tree of Life: 1 The conventional geometrical arrangement of the Tree of Life of Moses Cordovero accepted since the time of the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher , and popularised by the Golden Dawn.

Figure 2 2 The arrangement found in the Bahir first published and favoured by Rabbi Isaac Luria Figure 3 3 The Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript showing a third arrangement of Paths with Daath shown as a full blown Sephirah, and with Paths connecting it to the six other surrounding Sephiroth. The inclusion of this third form is simply to demonstrate that the 'standard' Golden Dawn Tree of Life was not the only one, even within the Golden Dawn itself.

Figure 1 The Gra version of the Tree of Life which essentially shows the pre-Fall situation is not shown here. The Path numbers in these tables refer to the first and by far the most common Golden Dawn Tree. However tables in this book can be happily used on any of the three Tree arrangements, simply by ignoring the Path numbers column, and using the ZEP Zodiac, Element, Planet column to place the correspondences. Aramaic names of the Watchers or Grigori from Enoch from Qumran.

Aramaic names of the Watchers or Grigori from Enoch I. What the Watchers or Grigori taught Mankind. Angels - Biblical, Apocryphal and Gnostic No. Earliest names of the 7 Archangels from Enoch I. Earliest names of the 7 Archangels from Enoch I - function and rulership. He requested from Michael and revealed the hidden name, which enabled the creation of the mountains, seas, etc 2 Enoch I, The rulers of the Earth from Enoch 3. The rulers of the Earth from Enoch 3 - Rulership. The Sarim or Angel-Princes. The Sarim or Angel-Princes- Attributes.

Archangels of the Four Quarters. Archangels of the Four Quarters - Transliteration. Archangels of the Four Quarters - English. Archangels of the Four Quarters - Numeration. Irenaeus] A Numeric Grouping. The 30 Gnostic Aeons. The 30 Gnostic Aeons - English. Angels of the 30 Gnostic Aeons. Amberlain's table of the Shem ha-Mephorash Angels. Amberlain's table of the Shem ha-Mephorash Angels continued. Angels - Biblical, Apocryphal and Gnostic A Dominates agricultural produce; influences the hunt. Do not remove fliy help from me, 0 Lord, and look to my defence.

I shall say to the Lord, Thou art my guardian, my God is my refuge, and shall tH-tpf in him. Turn, O Lord, and deliver my soul, and save me for Thy [Derry's sake. The Lord is merciful and compassionate, long-suffering and of great goodness.

angelic tales of the universe tale 7 the angel jazair Manual

Domine spes mea a iuventute mea: For Thou are my strength, O Lord. O Lord, Thou are my hope from my youth. Angels Ruling the Astrological Houses. Angels Ruling the Astrological Houses - English. KT3i2 Saritiel 26 rry'3t? K' Vakabiel A Angels of the Ascendant Decans. Angels of the Ascendant Decans - English. Angels of the Succedent Decans. Angels of the Succedent Decans - English. Angels of the Cadent Decans.

Angels of the Cadent Decans - English. N'01O Barkiel 50 A. Archangels of the Yezidi. The 7 Amesha Spentas.

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The 7 Amesha Spentas - qualities. Buddhist Meditation B 1. The Noble Eightfold Buddhist Path. Buddhist Courts of Hell their direction in respect of Mount Meru. Buddhist Courts of Hell - President. The Ten Fetters of Buddhism. The Ten Fetters of Buddhism - English. The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Buddhist Meditation B8. The Forty Buddhist Meditations. Twelve Chinese Buddhist Teachers ta - t 'ien shih. Buddhist Meditation BIO. Buddhist Animal. Buddhist Symbol. Peaceful Buddhas Dhyani. Terrifying Buddhas Heruka.

Dakini Consorts. Christianity Visions and Virtues Cl. Western Virtues. Western Mysticism - Visions. The 7 Deadly Sins, and their Order. The 7 Deadly Sins, their Opposing Virtues. Christianity Apostles C5. Twelve Apostles. Greek Name. Greek Numeration. Hebrew Name - Agrippa. Hebrew Name - Translation. Hebrew Name - Numeration. Hebrew Name - Thomas Rudd. Christianity Theology Hell Level. Cerberus 4 The avaricious, misers and prodigals, spendli-inKj Continually roll stones up slopes Guard: Pluto 5 The wrathful and the sullen Wrathful fight in filthy water.

Guard: Kieptcv - squanderers violent against their peases lied. Christianity Hell Level. Christian Theology. The 7 Early Churches of Asia Minor. Christianity Doctors of the Church C 1 7. Doctors of the Catholic Church. Name Lifespan St. Athanasius - St. Ephraem the Syrian - St.

Hilary of Poitiers St. Cyril of Jerusalem Strongly against pagans, Jews and heretics St. Gregory of Nazianzus - St. Basil the Great - St. Augustine - Son of a pagan and follower of Manichaean religion before bftcnnirtg a Christian. Author of Off tsf God St. Cyril of Alexandria St. Peter Chrysologus - St. Leo the Great - St. Gregory the Great - St. Isidore of Seville - St. John of Damascus - Well versed in music, astronomy and theology. Wrote against the mccrKHrig heresv of the Ishmaelites St. Peter Damian St. Anselm St.

Anthony of Padua A worker of miracles who wrote about demons St. Bonaventure - St. Teresa of Avila Intense visions of suffering and mortification St. Peter Canisius - St. Reformed the Carmelites St. Robert Bellarmine St. Lawrence of Brindisi St. Francis de Sales St. Alphonsus Ligouri Poet, painter, musician and author St. Therese of Lisieux - 59 C. Christianity Saints C 1 8. Selection of Saints.

Christianity CI8. Czech Republic, Moravia 61 D. The 91 parts of the Earth. Planet - Agrippa. Zodiacal Sign- Agrippa [Chap. Names of the Parts of the Earth. Tripartite number of good servants of each Order. Total Number of tripartite good servants in each Order. The Zodiac Mapped on to the Geography of the Ancient World. Teucer Acts 2.

Day of Week.

Aka Camara. Or Ulmono. Dei 4. The name around the central cross is Levanael. Watchtowers - Direction and Quadrant. Watchtower Colour Dee. Watchtower Colour Golden Dawn. The Kings and Seniors of the Tabularum Enochi. Angels of the Tabularum Enochi. Emblems and Alchemy El. Alchemical Elements on the Tree of Life - 1.

Alchemical Elements on the Tree of Life Chemical Elements Golden Dawn. Periodic Table for Alchemical Metals. Alchemical Processes - Lapidus. Process Description 15 Calcination Calcinations The conversion of a raw substance, through the use of intense heat. When a substance is heated to just below its melting point, all moisture is lost, its carbonates dciximpcne, leaving behind a calx or ash. EE 18 Dissolution Conjunction Reuniting of fundamental substances, which may previously have been 4 19 Digestion Putrefaction The purification of substances through a moist disintegration.

Organic matter is used to artificially induce oxidization, creating a spontaneous decnirx-initicHi and cccrupCirm. This is provided by the transformative tincture of the substance itself, condensed from the vapour : ircUvuny within the vessel. Transformation from a solid to gaseous state is made more pranMis by nviridlug any loss of poRncy by eirtlily contact. This transmutation of the substance creates mituHiy.

This white or red tincture is also taiown as the Fbiilcrwphert Stone. H 29 Projection Projection The tincture is introduced into molten base metals, causing the transmutation of their elements into gold or silver. Emblems and Alchemy E7. Splendor Solis Emblems. Splendor Solis - Images in the Surrounding Frame. Emblem 1.

The Anns of the Art. A coat of anns being a Sun and blue omate heraldic foliage, surmounted by a crowned helmet with three crescent moons. Above the shield another Sun shines down from a red hanging. Scroll: Arma Artis. The Philosopher. A bearded philosopher stands wearing red and purple, pointing to a flask half full of golden liquid which he holds in his right hand - probably the finished elixir. Knight of the Double Fountain. A crowned knight in full gold-trimmed armour brandishing a sword in his right hand and holding a golden shield in his left, on which is inscribed Ex duabus aquis una[m] facile.

Qui quaerilis Solis El videbilis cum morluum. He stands one foot upon each side of an omate double fountain, which overflows like a fountain. His buckler is coloured in sequence black, white, yellow, red, black. And 7 stars encircle his head. Peacock, birds, flowers Emblem 4. Lunar Queen and Solar King. The Queen with scroll inscribed Lac viramium in white standing on a ball with a face.

Above her is a Moon. She faces a King with scroll Minsimelium? Coagula , scepter and wearing red and ermine robes. He stands under a Sun, and in a fire. Below a frieze showing scenes of armies, a king visiting a philosopher in a barrel Diogenes? Emblem 5. Digging the Ore. Two miners dig into a small hill with pick-axes. In a lake nearby floats a crescent Moon. A different framing like a gilt mirror. Below a king and queen in a court scene. Emblem 6. The Tree. Two philosophers talk under a tree which has a number of black and white birds flying from it.

The largest pecks at the crown of the tree.

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A man is climbing a ladder propped against the tree which grows from a golden crown around its trunk. The Dying drowning King. A Queen in yellow robes and ermine, with scepter and orb, stands beside a lake. A white bird perches on the orb. Behind him is the sun, and above her is a golden star. In a lake a king in yellow is seen to be drowning or possibly wading Below are two mythological scenes, with man with club Hercules?

Emblem 8. The Angel and the dark Man. A crowned and white winged angel with a six-pointed star shining above her head. She holds out a red cloak to a dark naked man who is emerging from a swamp. One arm is red, the other white. The Hermaphrodite. A winged hermaphrodite in a black formal jacket holding an egg is its left hand, and a mirror in its right.

Its right wing is red, its left is white. Birds and plants Emblem Dismembering the Body. A bearded man in armour with a sword has dismembered another man's naked body on the ground before him. The head is nowhere to be seen, instead he holds a solar mask in his left hand. In the background is an open sided Renaissance binliliDg. Preiiahly set in Venice. Two Classical vignettes Emblem A naked bearded man with a white bird perched on his head, is being cooked in water heated by a fire which is tended by an assistant with bellows, in an omate Renaissance courtyard.

A small flask is nearby. Plants, birds and a bee 74 E. Emblem In a bleak wintry landscape with dead trees, a dark Sun sets half behind a hill. See Emblem Butterflies, caterpillars, snails, birds, frog, dragonfly Emblem An indoor scene with 7 naked and 3 dressed children at play with a hobby horse and cushion, watched by 2 adults. Birds, plants, butterflies, dragonfly, strawberries, snail Emblem A village scene with a number of women doing the clothes washing by a stream, sheets hung up, and laid out to dry on the grass.

Birds, flowers Emblem A tired but radiant Sun setting above the horizon in the countryside. It is winter. City in background. Birds and flowers I 13 Emblem Within a crowned flask now again with sealed top, a King stands on an upturned lunar crescent, with an orb and scepter in hand, bathed in a golden glow. Chariot of the Moon holding a Luna crescent drawn by 2 girls. Lunar occupations: traveling, hawking, shooting, fishing s 12 Emblem Within a crowned flask now with open top, a white crowned bare-breasted Queen stands holding an orb and sceptre within a golden egg shaped glow.

Chariot of Mercury with caduceus wand and sickle! Mercurial occupations: masons, gWKtuphcn, scholars, musicians 14 Emblem Within a crowned flask now sealed and not heated, a peacock displays its tail. Venusian occupations: lovers, drinking and eating, playing music, re ad mg, cjr. Within a crowned flask now sealed and not heated is a three headed green winged dragon. Its heads are white, red and black. Chariot of the Sun with crown drawn by 2 horses. Solar occupations: dueling, disputing, wrestling 27 Emblem A crowned flask with sealed top supported upon a red wreath.

Within it is a crowned three headed bird, with wings outspread. Martial occupations: soldiers, burning house, battle, the slain. A crowned flask with sealed top supported upon a green wreath. Within this three birds red, white and black who are fighting or are following each other in cyclic succession. Chariot of Jupiter with thunderbolts drawn by 2 peacocks. A crowned flask with open top is heated upon flames, containing a naked child who pours liquid down the throat, and uses a pair of bellows on a winged dragon.

Saturnian occupations: beggar, merchant, man drawing water, parchment preparation, pig castration, ploughing and a hanging 75 E. Emblems and Alchemy Emb- lem E9. Book of Lambspring Emblems. A coat of arms displaying a lamb surmounted by a helmet, surrounded by green plumes and surmounted by a second lamb. A wand carrying Philosopher stands beside a flag surmounted furnace. He wears the image of a black double headed He has and eiigle handled sword. A boat draws near. At the foot of the tree is a snail. His feet rest upon the dragon from Emblem 2. In the background is a river and town. The salamander has a line of stars along its back.

They all hold hands. Mountains behind. He holds the young prince affectionately. The winged, bearded and crowned angel gestures towards the other two. Outside a heavy rain falls. On his right is the young prince in armour holding a scepter. On his left, the venerable bearded king holds an orb in his right and a sceptre in his left hand. Emblems and Alchemy Key E A hated and robed King with scepter talks with a Queen holding a rose with 3 flowers and a peacock feather.

In front of the King a fox jumps over a crucible placed on a fire. In front of the Queen, the figure of Death, an old man with a scythe and crippled leg, straddles a fire with crucible. A winged Mercury with winged feet stands holding a caduceus in each hand is attacked by two men. To his right is a man with a sword wrapped in a serpent, and to his left a man with a sword, with a bird perched upon its point. Either side of Mercury is a Sun and a Moon at the level of his thighs.

In front of Mercury is a large pair of detached wings. A winged dragon with curled tail and pointed tongue faces left, with rugged mountains and a castle in the background. Behind a fox runs off with a hen in its mouth. A cockerel attacks it.

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On the left a candle bums, while on the right is a tree dies. A crowned woman with a heart and seven-blossomed rose stands by a furnace. She is connected with flask on the furnace. Beside the woman stands an alchemist with flaming head and mouth, and bellows. A blindfold cupid fires an arrow at the woman. On the left is a regal lion with a crown above his head, and S- shaped tail.

A radiant Sun shines above the lion. Chemical wedding. A bishop performs the wedding service of a King and Queen under a dark rain cloud, above which a rainbow forms. On the left is the Sun, on the right the Moon. In front of the King a fire heats a distillation flask, behind which is a goose. In front of the Queen, an alchemist holding a trident tends a furnace, pouring water into a water bath holding an alembic which distils into a flask below.

In a circular graveyard with 12 arches, two men with crossbows fire at a target with a key above it. Seven arrows are imbedded in the target. Between the men is an open grave out of which a corpse is rising. Com is sprouting from the grave, also symbolic of resurrection. Another corpse lies on the ploughed field which is being sown with grain, some is being eaten by four birds. At bottom in a circle are three hearts with three serpents emerging in a clockwise direction. At the top are a man and woman with their bodies forming a cross joining 4 birds. A downward pointing triangle surrounded by the words "I am bom out of Hermogenes.

Hyperion elected me. Without lamsuph I perish" in Latin. Two lions attack each other. On the back of each rides a woman holding a heart from which springs a Sun and a Moon. Behind the left woman stands a knight with sword raised to strike her. Behind the right lion are four cubs. Inside a laboratory an alchemist stands in front of a barrel furnace. Outside the window are the Sun and the Moon.

The alchemist points to a triangular crucible on a bench with two roses growing out of it, and the symbol of Mercury above. On the right a lion devours a snake. Emblems and Alchemy Em b- lem Ell. Atlanta Fugiens Emblems. The Wind carries him in his belly. A man pregnant with child stands on a rock, his hands and head rniii. The Earth is his Nurse. A woman with the globe of the Earth as her body, nourishing a child at her breast.

Do as the Woman Washing Clothes. A woman prepares to wash clothes, and pours water into a lerjtt wooden Clipper full of bculilit water. From a Ihp at the bottom hot water is drawn off into a small bucket. A man with a red cloak embraces a woman in green and blue. Another man offers them a chalice or vase. A eoiintiytufe scene. In a town square, man approaches a woman to suckle a toad at her breast.

A man in the countryside is sowing seed into newly opened furrows. On the summit of a strange mountain above a town one bird sits upon a nest as another leaves. An man in a tunic tends a fire, holding a burning log in his left hand. Two figures with winged helmets and sandals Mercury I sit and stand Ptirby Both hold a caduceus. A woman sits beside a lake while two children play around her lap, one has a sun head, the other a moon crescent head.

One man stands either side, rpiinkl -ir water upon her, and tearing from a book, f 12 Emblem Saturn flys over a mountain holding a scythe in his right hand. He drops a large rock onto the mountain. A naked man sits on the bank of a river, with a city in the background. Among the ruins of a building a winged serpent dragon seizes its own tail to form the ouroborus. A potter in his workshop is making a pot on his wheel. Among the ruins of a building a winged lion or perhaps lioness is attacked by a lion without wings, which spring upon and claws at the first lion.

Four spheres filled with fire rise in a chain above a lake or river, upon which are small boats. An artisan works at a furnace, a large bellows in the background. The artisan places a rod into the flames. On a block in front of him is a bowl with coins. ThrcugEh an iipili Awiwy a Church is seen. A knight in armour with shield and sword is urged to enter a flaming fire by a naked woman.

A philosopher or geometrician stands in front of a wall upon which he is drawing a circle with a large pair of compasses. He is constructing a square within a triangle. A woman stand in a kitchen in front of a large open fire on which pots are set. On the ground in front of her are three triangular rods and two rectangular blocks. On the right behind her is a wooden basin in which two fish swim in appmile directions. An artisan stands at a furnace, with an anvil, tongs and hammers, holding an axe with which he has just struck open the head of an old bearded man Zeus figure who has fire in his hands, and an eagle at his back.

Out of the cut in the skull a small naked woman emerges Athena. Behind her a statue of a man with bow and arrows, while under a canopy man with a Sun head embraces a woman while Cupid stands try. A king with crown lies on his back on the ground and is attacked by a wolf. In the background a kir. On the left a man with a Sun head, and on the right a woman with a Moon head, raise clubs and attack a winged serpent dragon. On the seashore, the man with the solar head shoots a winged dragon with bow and arrow, while the woman with the Moon head shoots at a man iwirnillinjj in the sea.

A crowned queen stands in a landscape beside a tree and holds out two banners for us to see. A man without feet stands outside the door of a walled formal garden. The door has three locks. Emblems and Alchemy Emb- lem Ell. A crowned king lies in a wooden box with an oil lamp set over a steaming vessel of water.

A salamander with a line of stars along its back lies in a flaming fire. A Sun headed man on the left and a Moon headed woman on the right, stand on the shore of a sea or lake. The woman gc-rfum to a cock and a hen which are at their feet. A crowned King swims far out ffom the land, on a wide lake or sea. On the bank of a river crossed by a small bridge, a man stands with a pole and fishes out a piece of coral.

Above in the Jtky on the left a wind blows. At night under a crescent moon, a naked hermaphrodite, male on the right side and female on the left, lies in a ravine beneath crag? In a cave in the bank of a river, a naked man with a Sun head and a naked woman with a Moon head, stand up to their hips in water and embrace each other. On the left a naked woman crawls out of the river onto the bank. In the clouds above the man with the Sun head is raised to the heavens. On the left a woman sits beside a com field nursing her child.

On the right a woman drags a naked man to a fire beneath a large rock or cliff, his armour and weapons lies at her feet. An old man stand on richL side of the rock, tanking on the fire. To the left of the rock the woman turns and runs to the left. A road winds through a valley along the bank of a river. Cubic stones lie in the mud of the road below, on the summit of a hill, in the water of the river, and in the air of the heavens above. Various people walking iking the road or in boats on the river fail to see the stones.

A lion with a laurel wreath stands on the ground. Behind him on the right is a steaming swamp, while behind him on the left is a volcano with flames of fire and smoke. A hermaphrodite, male on the right side, female on the left, stands with one foot on each side of a steep valley. Beneath this. Mercury or Hermes with winged helmet and sandals, lies embracing Venus or Aphrodite At his feet is his caduceus, while to the righl of Venus, a cherub plivs. In the foreground the three stages of life: child with a square , a mature man with a semicircle , and an old man with a stick with a triangle.

Behind them the myth of Oedipus and the sphinx is enacted out. From the mouth of a male statue on the left built into a niche in a rocky hillside, a stream of water falls into a rectangular stone basin. On the right, a stream of water falls ffom the mouth of a similar female statue into another basin. Various fi Hurts with crutches are dn cling ffom the fountains. A hunter lies fallen on his back while his dog pursues the wild boar. A woman emerges ffom the forest her hands held up.

In the middle distance a warrior with sword and shield watches the scene. At night under a crescent moon a woman walks along a path which passes over a bridge across a river. She holds a bunch of flowers in her right hand and a bundle of fruits in her left. She is followed by an old man wearing spectacles, with a lamp in his left and a walking stick in his right hand, walking in her ftHuprans.

In the foreground three men open a coffin to reveal a king coming back to life. In the background his body is being cut into pieces by a man with a sword, witnessed by a woman. On the right the woman seated at a table discourses with the man in oriental dress. This may be the myth of the dismemberment of Osiris. The globe of the Earth is seen around which is the Sun moves through the zodiac of the fixed stars. The shadow of the Earth is shown into which the Moon is about to enter into eclipse.

Johnny Hallyday - Le Pnitencier. Kevin Parent - Ado Maso. Lara Fabian - La Diffrence. Bidochons - Roger. Les Repectables - Plaisir. Luis Mariano - Perfidia. C Gee. Marjo - Trop D'amour. Michel Delpech - Les Divorces. Michel Louvain - Sylvie. Michel Sardou - La Maladie D'amour. Mylene Farmer - L'autre. Patricia Kaas - D'alemagne. Robert Charlebois - Madame Bertrand. Abba - Knowing Me Knowing You. Alabama - Mountain Music. America - Ventura Highway. B Witched - C'est La Vie. Beat Culture - Inside Out.

Beatles - Yesterday. Cria Cuervos - Porque Te Vas. Flash Dance - Maniac. Flash Dance - What A Felling. Goldeneye - Goldeneye. Grease - Medley. Hair - Aquarius. Hair - Let The Sunshine In. Pocahontas - Colors Of The Wind. Pretty Woman - Pretty Woman. Boris Vian - Mozart Avec Nous. Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken. Cream - I Feel Free. Erasure - Chains. Garth Brooks - Two Pina Coladas. Johnny Rivers - Rockin Pneumonia.

Kar Mariah Carey - Without You. Martina Mcbride - Valentin. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirits. Queen - Killer. West Side Story - Somewhere. Closer Walk With Thee v1. Wesley - Christ The Lord v1. Alabama - Closer You Get v1. Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet v1. Allman Brothers Band - Blue Sky v1. Australian Folk - Waltzing Matilda v2. Barry Manilow - Mandy v2. Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive v1. Bjork - Human Behaviour v1. Blues Brothers - Somebody To Love v1.

Bobby Darin - 18 Yellow Roses v1. Boston - Don't Look Back v1.

Bruce Springsteen - Bad Lands v1. Bwitched - C'est la vie v1. Cat Stevens - Father and Son v1. Celine Dion - Just Walk Away v2. Chris de Burgh - Satin Green Shutters v1.

The Herald Angels Sing v1. Cliff Richard - Living Doll v1. Destiny's Child - Jumpin v1. Doors - Hello I love you v1. Eagles - Desperado v1. Eddy Mitchell - Rio Grande v1. Electric Light Orchestra - Summer and Lightning v1. Elton John - Your Song v1. Elvis Presley - Little Sister v1. Eric Clapton - Layla v1. Everly Brothers - Claudette v1. Flashdance - Maniac v1. Four Seasons - Silence Is Golden v2. Gloria Estefan - Always Tomorrow v1. Heart - Alone v2. Jackie Trent - Neighbours v1. Janet Jackson - Together Again v1.

Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr Bojangles v2. John Lennon - Look At Me v1.