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Valerie aka Helen travels to Paris to confront kill her sister's boyfiriend. Her sister committed suicide and was also pregnant. She blames the boyfriend, whose supposedly married, and wants revenge.

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Although it seems like a straight forward story, I couldn't help but think something else was going on. And I was right. Sep 07, Patsy Hand rated it it was amazing. This is a terrific read. Clever and full of twists and turns. The reader is always wondering what comes next. An intelligent lawyer for a protagonist who manages to project her belief in the ultimate fairness of life into a downward spiral.

How does she manage the desperately terrible situations she encounters? Or does she? Read Revenge in Paris and find out. May 17, Angela rated it it was amazing. Read it all in one go.

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Couldn't put it down. Good thing it wasn't very long and I could read it in a couple hours! The ending was a little more abrupt than I would have liked, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, engrossing read. Sep 22, Pam Dane rated it it was amazing.

I loved this story. I'm actually reading it in Paris. It held my attention the whole time. Great descriptions of Paris and a tense story of love and revenge with a twist. Jill Pearson rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Rae Richen rated it really liked it Jul 17, Grace Elting Elting rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Peggy Phaff rated it it was ok Mar 03, Jul 10, Kirsten Steen rated it it was amazing.

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This perfectly-paced Noir Classic had me from the first page. If you're looking for a short page-turner and some armchair time on the streets of Paris, you have arrived.

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Valerie J. Brooks' Noir shorts deliver it all: good pacing, thrilling locations, twisty endings! And if you like Ross McDonald, you'll love Brooks' style. I can hardly wait for the next one! Jannie rated it liked it Jul 11, Patricia Mccammon rated it it was ok Feb 28, Crystal M. Hudson rated it really liked it Sep 22, Vernie rated it really liked it Dec 16, Kathy Ford rated it really liked it Jun 25, Linda Cannon rated it it was ok Jul 04, Vinca Russell rated it it was ok Sep 13, Mendy Sobol rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Randy Sue Coburn rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Rob Balmut rated it really liked it Mar 23, Jan rated it it was amazing Jan 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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With her mother's death, Sophie passes from being a listener to a speaker, herself a teller of tales. Her ritual place is no longer in the answering of a question but in the asking of it. More broadly, she has acquired access to the full female power of creation, which can alternately and interchangeably produce words, stories, and children.

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Symbolically, Sophie's ambition to become a secretary, taking dictation, at the end of Section One has given way to an ability to speak in her own voice, writing her own life and telling her own story. Breath, Eyes, Memory by: Edwidge Danticat. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained. Another aspect worth discussing when speaking about compressed time is one I have hinted at in the opening. But time can also be pinned to one or more specific moments, clearly indicated within the piece. It stretches from 2 to Since the piece is told in first person, the voice is calibrated to reflect this specific age.

For instance:. This goes on to reveal itself as a shattering story about wrongdoing, trauma and revenge. Read our interview with Eileen Merriman here. But it can also be suggested through more subtle means. A fine story is crafted out of delicate images, and the turns of phrase veer into the poetic:.

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It started with buds. I plucked them out and threw them on the compost. But in that early morning silence, I ran my fingers over bending bristles of grass on my abdomen. This requires the intervention of the Wrightsville Fire Department to close and guard the bridge — and here the interesting part begins. With only one fine brushstroke, time warps and collapses onto itself, and catastrophes repeat themselves. The parallel continues — and the ending is sobering.